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if you don't think i'm a princess well that's embarassing for you! Queen of the Planes fandom. my name is shannon. I am married to gaston and we have hot hunter babies.

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i first met tiana the day i finshed traditions. she was the first character i had met (technically naveen was there too but he’s not part of this story), and it was very special since we weren’t expecting to meet her that day. we waited around and finally we got to her and she was just the nicest and sweetest person ever. fast forward two weeks and i was watching the parade with kaitlynn and when tiana’s float came around, i started waving and it appeared as though she recognized me. i felt v special that day. the next day i was watching the parade again, and she saw me and waved and it appeared as though she recognized me again! we went to meet tiana and naveen after the parade (but naveen wasn’t there) and one of the first things tiana said was “don’t i recognize you? i saw you during the parade today and yesterday!” and it was such a magical moment i almost cried. so thank you tiana for being such an amazing character to meet and i can’t wait to meet you again soon! 

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