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if you don't think i'm a princess well that's embarassing for you! Queen of the Planes fandom. my name is shannon. I am married to gaston and we have hot hunter babies.

bury me in planes DVDs


So I have this section which is part of my new theme called “Members” (I swear I’m not trying to act like I’m better then anyone or that my blog is exclusive or anything, that’s just what it was called on the theme!) and I didn’t know who to put in it so thought I would do a little contest of sorts? Kind of like a blog of the month, but there are six slots, so you wouldn’t be the only one lol. I have quite a few followers so lots of people would see your blog! 
You also get a customized Icon beside your name, I’ll message you to ask what character you want beside the link! 
- Reblog this post once (likes don’t count sorry!)
- Must follow me
- Must be a Disney blog (at least half your posts must be Disney kinda thing). 
- Can get an extra up to two extra chances in: follow my twitter (@shannbon) - and / or follow my instagram account (@shannon.cooper) . TAG your user names in the tag section of this post if you do this. I have an Xkit extension that lets me see all the tags, that way you don’t have to worry about me not matching the user names up or anything! 
- Also please don’t delete this text! 
Thanks for following me and reblogging this :) I’ll pick the winners next sunday (27th of September) by using some sort of online random picker site!! 



friends don’t let friends do captain eo


how dare u

The Rules: You can tell a lot about a person from the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPhone iPod or method of listening to music and then write the first 10 songs that come up. Tag ten people you want to do the tag.

I just changed computers… so my music selection is not as big as it was. I have to upload CDs and stuff still (So I’m missing a lot of Queen, Beatles and Beach Boys). So it’s mainly only music i’ve bought on itunes from like two years ago lol (except for gaga). 

I was tagged by (Kenya - disneyyandmore

  • The Winner Takes it All - Mamma Mia Soundtrack (movie)
  • Strangers Like Me - Tarzan Soundtrack 
  • Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley 
  • All That Matters - Kesha 
  • You Can’t Take Me - Bryan Adams 
  • 212 - Azealia Banks
  • Venus - Lady Gaga 
  • Richman - 3OH!3
  • Applause - Lady Gaga 
  • Mad World - Tears for Fears 

I tag - dapperzack agrabahprincess disneytasthic disneycamera sir-maximillian-goof tumbleupondisney naveenspalace zip-a-dee-not-so-scary-lady rainbowconnection the-porcelain-princess s0meimagination




You’ve never seen them like this before. Mind blown!

idk they all look like Rapunzel :/


Believe in your self(ie)~




This is so cute ♥


Tokyo Disney Resort exclusive character Berlioz is now available for meet and greet! This started a week or so ago and I finally got a chance to get into the park and meet him! Toulouse is also a meet and greet character now however he wasn’t in the park today, maybe Ill catch that cute kitten tomorrow in TDL :)

If you send me planes related snap chats, I love you forever



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